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Describe That K-Drama Personality
Learn to describe familiar K-drama personalities in Korean.
꽃미남 (kkoch-mi-nam)
Cute and handsome flower boy that'll melt your heart.
잘난척 (jal-nan-cheok)
Arrogant poser that usually appears as a second lead.
꽃뱀 (kkot-baem)
Sly and evil gold-digger that deceives everyone.
바보 (ba-bo)
Silly and endearing foolish sweetheart.
나쁜 여자 (na-ppeun yeo-ja)
K-drama bad girl that tries to ruin everything.
나쁜 남자 (na-ppeun nam-ja)
First or second leads that starts out as a bad guy.
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