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David Foster Wallace is my favorite author. So when I saw this trailer last weekend, I nearly lost my mind.
Jesse Eisenberg plays David Lipsky -- a magazine reporter who is doing a story on Jason Segel's David Foster Wallace.
Before seeing the trailer, I never would have thought that Segel would have the ability to pull off a role like this since he's known more for his comedic roles. But after seeing the trailer, I'm pretty convinced that his performance will be nothing short of great.
Like I said earlier, DFW is definitely my favorite author. His work has inspired me and helped inform my own writing. If you haven't read any of his work, you definitely should.
The End of the Tour comes out next month (July 31, 2015). I'm absolutely excited to see this film and spend time with one of the most brilliant contemporary writers.
If you still need to be convinced of DFW's genius. Below you can watch his "This is Water" commencement speech. While it's geared towards a graduating class, there's a lot that can be taken from it to help enrich your life.
This looks SO good, at least in comparison to what I expected. I hadn't realized this was coming out so soon (thought it was November or something) but now I'm stoked to see it
so pumped for this...