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Sufjan Stevens will probably never not be in my top 5 favorite artists across all genres. I absolutely love each one of his albums in a different way, his persona, his story, his concerts (I saw him in April, and he was outstanding)... basically, he's just the greatest.
Which is what makes this newest 'release' all the more strange.
Warning: you should probably turn the volume down before you press play.
I don't really have any concept of what this is. Experimental? Sure...
It's almost reminiscent of "Age of Adz," but for the fact that the 2010 album actually was artistic and interesting and musical. As for this, I'm not sure it falls into any of these categories.
I love you anyway, Sufjan. But please never do this again. You're scaring me.
That actually could explain it... he's certainly welcome to a break after writing Carrie and Lowell. Not to mention performing it all the time. When I saw him a few months ago he played the whole album, start to finish, before even introducing himself or saying a single word. And I spoke to a friend who saw him on a different occasion and apparently he did the same thing. So he's really pouring it all out there
That's insane. I can totally see him doing that though @jeff4122. Getting lost in the music. I had a friend who got to interview him for an article and he totally stopped midway and needed a break to collect himself...poor guy is going through a lot
Hahaha what is this even? It scares me too. Though his new album is so emotional...maybe this is just his outlet to get those feelings out?