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I get it, labels are lame. They take the fun out of just having fun. College is the time to experiment and party, and let loose before you have to knuckle down for the long hard 40 years of labor we call having a job.
I am all about having fun. I love being free to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I don't want to have to answer to anyone, check to make sure I am not hurting anyones feelings, and go out and party with anyone I please.
But heres the thing, having a label (or being in a relationship) should change nothing!
The dating scene now is just sad. People hook up but are too afraid to admit when they like each other for fear that "putting a label" on them will instantly make their relationship lame, sexless, and pretty much marriage.
Personally, I like labels. In fact I need labels, and its not because I am a relationship obsessed girl who can't find happiness unless someone loves her. Because honestly, the thought of dating anyone didn't even occur to me till college, (yes, you can call me a late bloomer). I like labels because for some crazy reason I like to know if I am wasting my time.
Because yes, sometimes having a fling or just flirting with someone casually is fun, but whats not fun is when you like someone and then have to sit staring at your phone all day wondering if he's texting someone else, while not being able to text him first since you don't want to be annoying.
Waste of time.
Sorry that I believe that if I like someone, I should be the only one they want to talk to. Sorry if i don't want to play stupid games that usually end with a lot of waiting around and feeling bad because I have no idea what the hell is going on. The chase is fun, and the uncertainty of new crushes always gives me butterflies; but after a few weeks of hanging out I would like to make sure I know the deal.
And that shouldn't be a problem.
You don't have to define or label your relationship in the traditional sense. But you should know if there are other people in the picture and if and when you guys should be texting. Because if you aren't going to be anything but a late night thing, save your energy for someone who matters and text this one only after a night out with the girls.
Labels aren't so scary, but knowing if there should be one or not will save you a lot of time and heartache. Its your life, your feelings and your body, you are allowed to take control. Trust me it is always better to be brave and ask, then be stuck in the dark.
I tend to get crazy attached and FAST so I need to know if I'm just a friend, or worse just a hook up, so that I dont break my heart.
@YunJiLizzie for real! its just silly and open communication is the only way any type of relationship works so not defining, even if the label is a little confusing, is just a step back in the relationship
I totally agree with your idea that not labeling is such a waste of time!
@galinda its great that you know yourself so well! and thats why things like labels and defining a relationship shouldn't be a reason to get freaked out over. Its just nice to know before you get to hurt