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Muscle soreness is one hell of a thing. You go on vacation, eat all the things. The only lifting you did was lifting a fork of food to your mouth...again and again and again.
Alright, so it's time to get your booty to the gym -- and while you're doing lunges, you can feel that teasing pain. Yeah, and that pain makes sitting on the toilet feel like the worse thing you can ever do. That's called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
Congratulations, iron-pumping princess, you're going to walk like an intoxicated duck for about a week.
There are some ways that can help reduce your muscle soreness, or offer temporary relief. However, patience is the best thing you can have when getting over the soreness. Really terrible soreness can really affect your ability to workout to your best ability the next day.
I once fell over trying to squat without weights. I literally fell over -- like a tipped cow (don't tip cows. That's a terrible thing to do).

Ice Water Bath

Although I have never tried this myself, my teammates used to swear by ice baths. Honestly, that sounds far more excruciating than the soreness itself, so I opt out of this method. I hate the cold. I'm from Florida. Cold to me is like 75 degrees.
Anyway, what you do is fill a tub with ice and cold water and lay in it. The water needs to be under 59 degrees (F). And you'll need to sit in the tub for five minutes or longer. I'd warn though, ice water immersion may put you in shock.
Yeah, let's find an alternative...

Foam Rolling

This is the kind of pain that hurts so good. If you can't afford a massage, this is a cheap alternative. It helps release muscle tightness or "knots." It also promotes blood flow, which helps speed up the muscle recovery process.

How To Foam Roll:

This guy is pretty hot, and he has great foam rolling tips. Win-win.

Warm Up

A warm-up can slightly reduce muscle soreness. Since there is an increase in blood flow, muscles are more flexible. By the way, if you're ever sore, laying around will not help you. Your soreness will become worse -- as your muscles tense up even more, and there is a decrease in blood flow. If you're too sore for your normal workout, do something light like a power-walk.
Yassss you power walk, Bey.
ahh running! i definitely get sore from running...especially since i don't do it so often. I've always wanted to try pilates @hikaymm
I literally need this today; I've been doing pilates (my chosen workout) everyday for weeks but finally added some small weights back in AND ran and now my walking is like Mulan up there hahahaha
@alywoah, I haven't done ice baths YET, but I typically take a cold shower right after workouts & that tends help quite a bit. I'm still working up to the ice baths
I can sooooooo relate to falling over doing squats with no weights. it was really sad because I had trouble getting up. worst workout moment ever!
Foam rolling actually sounds heavenly!
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