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An oft-covered Beatles hit is "And I Love Her." In many ways, it's the quintessential Beatles song: it's short, it's instrumentally pretty straight-forward, and it's got great, great lyrics. Here are my three favorite covers of the song.

1. Kurt Cobain

Always with a surprising penchant for the acoustic, Kurt Cobain has the best cover of "And I Love Her." There's almost no trace of Nirvana here, and it's this little-known and criminally under-appreciated versatility that makes me miss Kurt the most.

2. Broken Bells

Broken Bells put a very cool electronic spin on the tune. It's not overwhelming and stays true to the minimal nature of the original. Danger Mouse handles the keys expertly, and James Mercer (of The Shins) proves again how pure his voice is. Plus, that musical interlude is a welcome addition.

3. A Capella

A capella isn't always my favorite style (mostly due to my obsession with the bass and my sadness whenever it is not present), but sometimes it sounds great - and this song lends itself really well to the style. Plus, this guy does a really good job. It's strange, to say the least - he kind of sounds like a cartoon character - but I'm into it.
I really liked the Broken Bells cover!! The eyebrows in that acapella one though.....
Understandable. But you have to give props to the guy for making that sound come from his vocal chords and stuff.
Hahah. I'm not sure how i feel about the quadruple faces either.... got me, cuz that's quite good but i have an unreasonable, insatiable craving for electric bass
I resent your “no bass” acapella comment. I’ll give you bass!