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If you haven't already seen it, here's one of the few reasons you need to watch "It's Okay, That's Love": The amazing characters!
From main leads to supporting characters, "It's Okay, That's Love" not only has a great cast, but also refreshing and strong characters that add to the appeal of the drama.
Here's a short intro to the 5 main characters and what makes them awesome!
Jang Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung)
Who is he? Jae Yeol is a best-selling author and radio DJ that has obsessive-compulsive disorder. As a result, he is extremely organized and has weird habits (he can only fall asleep in a bathtub). He is rich, handsome and charismatic, yet his smug and stubborn personality sets him off on an initial rough path with the female lead. While outwardly he appears to be a well-off celebrity, Jae Yeol has many interesting layers (well portrayed by Jo In Sung) that are revealed over time as he connects with the female lead. He also has a mysterious past and a brother that wants to kill him.
Why is he awesome? Unlike typical K-drama leads, Jae Yeol is extremely open and understanding of the female lead's perspective and instead of "saving her," he actually helps her understand herself and overcome her weaknesses on her own, the same way she does for him.
Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin)
Who is she? Hae Soo is a resident psychiatrist at a university hospital. She is smart and compassionate and extremely good at her job (so much so that she goes after runaway patients herself). However, she has anxiety issues as well as a fear of commitment and intimacy.
Why is she awesome? She has strong demeanor and understanding personality that make her character stand out. While she might not be great at taking care of herself, she is a wonderful friend that always looks out for her close friends. Most importantly, she is a badass who doesn't care what others think of her.
Park Soo Kwang (Lee Kwang Soo...yes, they trolled us with his character name!)
Who is he? Soo Kwang is a cafe waiter that suffers from Tourette Syndrome. He lives alongside Hae Soo and Dong Min. He is a close friend of Hae Soo and often looks out for her, even though he teases her most of the time. His Tourette Syndrome becomes a defining part of his character since outsiders look down on him for it and girls don't want to date him.
Why is he awesome? He is probably one of the very few K-drama characters to suffer from such a syndrome and still prove that it should not define a person. He initially struggles to deal with his disorder, but eventually comes to terms with it and helps others out in the process as well.
Jo Dong Min (Sung Dong Il)
Who is he? Dong Min is Hae Soo's housemate and senior colleague at the hospital. He lives away from his wife and children (who are in US). He is the wise one in the house and often gives comfort and advice to both Hae Soo and Soo Kwang.
Why is he awesome? He is that one older friend we all have that gives great advice and listens to you even when you're just complaining. He knows exactly what to say and do when things go right or wrong. Dong Min is mature enough to maintain a good friendship with his ex-wife and cool enough to become the psychiatrist to a convict, Jae Yeol's brother. He also basically resolves the mystery behind Jae Yeol's life.
Han Kang Woo (Do Kyung Soo)
Who is he? Kang Woo is a high school student who is a big fan of Jae Yeol. He is an aspiring writer with a manuscript and he keeps pestering Jae Yeol to read it. He has a traumatic life with his abusive alcoholic father and he is often given help and advice by Jae Yeol.
Why is he awesome? Besides the fact that his character is played by the adorable D.O., Kang Woo perfectly portrays the struggles of a teen who is following his dream while also dealing with a bad family situation. While he gives off a generally happy vibe whenever he sees his role model Jae Yeol, his pain can also be seen very clearly (and it something most viewers can relate to).
Watch out for more cards about this drama in my collection! :D
@poojas, I hope you enjoy them
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@poojas, Lee Jong suk stars in Doctor Stranger and Ji Chang Wook stars in Healer
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@poojas, healer was another one I enjoyed along with Doctor Stranger. I love Doctor Stranger!
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