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Dear Bride To Be,

You've been waiting your entire life for this day and it's finally here.

I know you're overwhelmed, it happens. Just try and relax, you're going to look beautiful. You're probably still stressing over the perfect pair of shoes and what eye shadow to wear. No need to stress, this is your day. Take a load off while we help you choose the perfect makeup look especially for you.
You want to look like your favorite celebrity today? Well, you can. We have three celebrity bridal looks below that you can easily recreate. We are here to make your wedding day a dream come true *passes you a box of tissues*. We know, we know.

Make sure you get all your tears out before we beat your face and make you look flawless dah-ling.

With Love.

Bride Look #1 - Tina Knowles

I mean it's pretty obvious who Beyonce gets here beauty from. She gets it from her mama, apparently. Yes, Miss Tina -- you did that! Who said you can't wear a red lip on your wedding day? It's your day, so why not go all out?
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Bride Look #2 - Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian always looks amazing, but she looked extra stunning on her wedding day. Her makeup was just enough and it was literally perfect. Eyebrows that stood out, a simple nude pink lip and a glow that was sure to make Kanye fall even more in love.
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Bride Look #3 - Hilary Duff

We all know her as 'Lizzie Mcguire', but she's all grown up now. This wedding look is perfectly subtle. The pink tone lips and taupe eye shadow with just a dash of bronzer on the cheeks makes for the perfect bride look. Simple and gorgeous.
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What a great letter! Kim's makeup is never off point. How she manages to look flawless from every angle at every hour kills me!
I agree! I feel like cosmetic surgery will destroy her beauty. She def doesn't need to fix anything. she's gorgeous. Although Khloe is my favorite hands down, Kim has a soft spot in my heart lol @DaniaChicago
I hope she doesn't fall prey to the lies that she needs cosmetic surgery. She might have had some, but she doesn't need to change a thing.
Thank you! and OMG tell me about it. I have never seen her not look flawless. she even looks great without makeup.