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Boyz In The Hood. Poetic Justice. Higher Learning. School Daze. All of those movies are classics within the hip-hop community. They are all also over 20 years old. It has been awhile since we have seen a classic film that the hip-hop community can get behind. A movie that feels really good or makes people think really deep about the current space the culture is in. Based on the previews and reviews from movie critics, 'DOPE' could be the movie young hip-hop fans need.
'Dope' has all of the elements to be something big within the culture. For starters, the movie has an appealing story line. DOPE also has the “cool” factor in regards to guest appearances by rappers/musicians, as Zoe Kravitz and A$AP Rocky have significant roles in the film.
It has been awhile since the rap and black cinema scene have merged to create a great body of work. This could set the tone for a new wave of thought provoking cinema on issues within the culture.
C'mon “DOPE,” don’t let me down.
TOTALLY agree with this. I saw a preview for this on TV and it had "i" by Kendrick playing, and I couldn't help but think that this entire movie was, at least in part, built in order to insert Kendrick into Hollywood, where he's never had much of a role. It felt forced in the preview, but maybe the film will change my mind
@jeff4122 I hip-hop has had a void in regards these types of movies for quite some time. There are some powerful people within the culture right now (like Kendrick, J.Cole) that have some awesome things to say and stories to share. Hopefully this movie is well received and ushers in a new wave of your directors to document the inner workings of young people in today's hip-hop culture.