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It started in my musical performance class in college. We performed a collective piece from Urinetown called “Run Freedom Run!” and I was hooked. The song had sass, it had soul, it had...pee puns!
Urinetown is everything I love about satirical comedy musicals. It's campy, weird, and it has the strangest plot. The plot is pretty much what you would think: it’s about a town where you have to pay to pee (well, sort of. The town is essentially out of water and makes you pay to use any ameminties). Those that are caught peeing in public are arrested.
It basically satirizes government policy, capitalism, and bureaucracy. In the best way possible.
This clip from the 2002 Tony’s pretty much sums up why this musical is awesome. The show spent almost 2½ years on Broadway and won three Tony Awards.
Some of the other lyrics feel really close to comfort, especially with the drought in California...
Here are some lyrics from "Privilege to Pee.”
Twenty years we've had the drought
And our reservoirs have all dried up
I take my baths now in a coffee cup
I boil what's left of it for tea
And it's a privilege to pee.
So people. Just be glad we have the right to pee for free. But also be glad that Urinetown the Musical exists in the world.