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Kyungil.....get out of my face....off my screen...._(._.)_ Boy, I can't even deal with you right now....lol
But on a serious note, this was soooooo cool!! I love how it was an actual collaboration and it was UHmazing. HISTORY's choreography for this song by itself is awesome but combined with the K-Tigers adding all the kicks and flips and dips and shizz just took it over the top. I lurrrrved it! Anyone know any other Kpop groups that have collaborated with K-Tigers before?
@poojas Brian Joo<3 Lol he's one of my favorites. @danidee SAMESIES! My brother bumps Ringa Linga and i quote "when he's feeling nasty"...well that's what he says....I don't think he realizes how that sounds.
It totally got Ringa Linga stuck in my sister's head. It's one of her favorite K-Pop songs now!
This is...beautiful! ^_^ ALSO, that gif is everything! Hahaha
@kpopandkimchi I was hoping there we're more colabs out there (╯_╰) maybe in the future....I hope because this was awesome. @danidee my brother was the same way....he's all "Holy sh*t they're doin' it up ninja style....this is what all Kpop MVs should be like."
I'm with @kpopandkimchi. K-Tigers videos are so cool! My sister doesn't even LIKE K-Pop, but when I showed her the video for Ringa Linga, she was like wuuuuuut.
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