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We're about halfway through 2015, but I think it's time I make a declaration about pink dresses for brides this year. And this is it!
From Zuhair Murad's 2015 Spring Collection, this is haute couture to the max! From their website, this is "Look 21" under the 2015 Haute Couture section. All of the dresses are remarkable--so it's hard to pick a "favorite." However, THIS IS MY ULTIMATE BRIDAL PINK DRESS OF THE YEAR! This is a jacquard and silk tulle gown that features a drop waist with crystal and flower detail embellishment.
Shoes for this dress could either be clear, nude or pink. I'd probably shy away from pink as the dress is enough, so a nude would be my first choice.
Who else is on board with me on this? For even more stunning gowns, look here.
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I am in love with this dress! Where did you find it @marshalledgar?