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The title says it all...
Last night, ’90s ska-pop Smash Mouth played a food festival in Fort Collins, Colorado.
At the festival, some vendors were giving away free loaves of bread, which, as anyone could have guessed, meant disaster. During Smash Mouth’s set, some drunk people were throwing pieces of bread in the air, and some of those pieces of bread landed onstage. This caused Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell to freak the fuck out, going off on the crowd for three minutes straight and threatening to go out in the crowd and beat people up.
A security guard had to hold Harwell back, and he left stage before the encore.
All this happened, amazingly, while the rest of the band was attempting to play “All Star,” which only makes the whole thing more glorious
deadspin's story on this began with: "Remember how when the Titanic sunk, the band kept playing on the deck so the passengers wouldn’t completely lose it as the ship went down? This video is sort of like that"
New band name: Potty Mouth? @caricakes
LOL He got TOO real. I like how he doesn't even know who it is, so he addresses it to the entiiiire audience.
@jeff4122 That description is everything I needed omg. Seriously though the All Star still playing in the backgroun djust makes this so, so much sadder hahahaha
@jeff4122 That's too perfect. This entire situation is just so...sad hahahab
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