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Everyone is infatuated with the comedian Amy Schumer after reports revealed that she left a 1000% tip for her $49 bill.

That's definitely a nice random act of kindness she performed! She left a whopping $500 to her server, Ryan, at Peter's Clam Bar in Long Island, New York. A source said that Schumer and Ryan got into a, "engaging, animated conversation" which was just enough for her to leave the tip. Ryan had revealed to Amy that he was a college student working two jobs to pay for school. It's typical in New York to leave at least 20% but $500 pushes her tip up to 1000%. WOW. Whatever the reasoning behind the tip was, good for that kid.

S/O to Amy Schumer for making someone's day!

@beywatch I think it's a little bit of both. She knows it's going to be all over the media every time she does something nice but I agree with @galinda in the sense that she did actually talk to the kid which means it was more than a money drop.
Glad to hear she actually had a conversation with a kid and didnt just drop the money as a publicity stunt. She sounds pretty awesome haha
Amy Schumer's doing all sorts of things these days. The skeptical side of me is wondering if she just knows it'll keep her name in the news.