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Everyone is infatuated with the comedian Amy Schumer after reports revealed that she left a 1000% tip for her $49 bill.

That's definitely a nice random act of kindness she performed! She left a whopping $500 to her server, Ryan, at Peter's Clam Bar in Long Island, New York. A source said that Schumer and Ryan got into a, "engaging, animated conversation" which was just enough for her to leave the tip. Ryan had revealed to Amy that he was a college student working two jobs to pay for school. It's typical in New York to leave at least 20% but $500 pushes her tip up to 1000%. WOW. Whatever the reasoning behind the tip was, good for that kid.

S/O to Amy Schumer for making someone's day!

Glad to hear she actually had a conversation with a kid and didnt just drop the money as a publicity stunt. She sounds pretty awesome haha
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Amy Schumer's doing all sorts of things these days. The skeptical side of me is wondering if she just knows it'll keep her name in the news.
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@beywatch I think it's a little bit of both. She knows it's going to be all over the media every time she does something nice but I agree with @galinda in the sense that she did actually talk to the kid which means it was more than a money drop.
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