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Special thanks to The Perfect Palette for sharing this awesome colorscape idea for brides. No matter where you are on your wedding plans, it's always helpful to get inspiration along the way. Sometimes it's that extra nudge you need to make a decision. Other times it's a gentle reminder that you're on the right track and everything is going to be super special.
What moves you? What types of things inspire you?
Red is one of my favorite colors. It's bright, bold and assertive. It's classy, always on trend and will never go out of style. Red also comes in an infinite variety of saturations and tones.
As you see in the picture, whether it's a plant, some string, a piece of marbled tile or the infamous Pantone color swatch book, you can find inspiration from anywhere. It could be that perfect color of champagne-pink icing on your favorite cupcake.
What are some of your favorite inspiration boards that you've collected for your wedding? I have created a few. In fact, here's one that was done by @DaniaChicago, who also Vingles . She did it for the color coral, which is really hot this year! Be sure to check her out!
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Thank you for suggesting my coral card. This is really pretty too. I love the color of that vase. It's so shiny too.