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I used to frequent a Brasilian bar/restaurant in Miami called Boteco Miami. It was the type of place that was great for families during the day. But, at night the place transformed into a drunk haven with girls trying to climb tabletops. It was amazing.
Their strong-as-hell caipirinhas gave the place a tipsy ambience. I never got drunk enough to dance on tabletops, but I did once leave a $80 tip. I am an expert at messing up math, and my talents are even better while I am intoxicated.
But let's not leave this out: they had amazing Brasilian food

Feijoada Food Porn ^^^

*salivation will happen
My go-to dish at Boteco was a dish called feijoada. It's slowly cooked for a few hours, which gives it a good thickness, with an explosion of flavors from slowly simmered cuts of salted and smoked pork and beef. Its main ingredient also includes black beans. You never make just enough for yourself, it's a dish that's meant to be shared. It's typically made in a very large pot.
You need to try it. I promise that you'll get back up for seconds, even if you're full to the brim. The taste of the feijoada is salty, not spicy. It is flavored by the meats and beans.
I couldn't bring myself to come up with a vegan version of this dish. This dish is supported by the meaty flavors that come from the thick cuts of pork and beef. However, if you can muster up a comparably delicious recipe that's vegan, please share it! :)
I've only had legitimate Brazilian food once and it CHANGED MY LIFE.
THIS STUFF IS SO GOOD. the family I lived with Chile made this a lot and taught me how. one of my favorite things to eat
@galinda I'M SO JEALOUS. Brazilian food is high on my foodie bucket list, and I still haven't had the opportunity to try it. It's really expensive in San Diego.
What are caipirinhas?! Is that going to be another card?! I feel like I learn so much stuff from your posts!
Um I look forward to trying!
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