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You've heard all the rappers rap about it, now it's your turn to see what this amazing brand is all about.

We are talking about quality and money well spent. This summer, Givenchy is launching their makeup limited edition collection 'COLOreCREATION'. What a fun title for a makeup collection, right? Well, if you think the title is quirky and fun, just wait until you see what products they have in store. The collection consists of a face powder, two nail polishes, mascara, three eye shadows and lip gloss to dress up any look. Did we mention how amazing the packaging was?

'COLOreCREATION' Product List:

Givenchy Le Prime Visage Color Confetti ($59) - Limited Edition
Kolor Kajal (Eye Shadows) - Limited Edition ($24.98)
Vert Invention
Turquoise Imagination
Violet Creation
Gelee D'Interdit (Sheer Bright Orange Lip Gloss) - Limited Edition ($33.56)
Noir Couture Volume Mascara ($37.46) - Limited Edition
Blue Taffeta
Le Vernis ($25.76) - Limited Edition
Jaune Expression (Bright Yellow)
Rose Evocation (Candy Pink)

Disclaimer: This collection will be sold at your local Sephora.