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Shonda Rhimes has some nerve. Honestly, I had no idea that Grey's Anatomy was still on the air, but this news is enough to make me consider picking up where I left off.
After learning that Grey's is in its eleventh season (why), I also learned that Shonda killed off McDreamy a few months ago (also why). Naturally, this plot twist was met with outrage from die hard fans.
There was even a petition circulating to resurrect Derek that collected over 100,000 signatures.
Today, Shonda reopened the old wound that was McDreamy's death and announced the actor who would replace him. I already know this isn't going to go well.
Martin Henderson has been cast as the newest doctor in the medical drama's twelfth season.
Sure, he's handsome and I don't doubt he'll be a perfectly good surgeon, but to Grey's fans, he's no McDreamy. Poor guy doesn't even stand a chance.
@beywatch - I agree! I have no idea what's going on with the show anymore, but I can't imagine why Shonda Rimes would bring on an entirely new character...maybe just to kill him off in true Shonda Rimes fashion.
It's sort of weird to make such a bold change at such a late season of a TV show.