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I'm not in the business of making everyone conform to look like the stick-thin models on the runway. This card is not intended to make you feel bad about your body or feel like you need to look thinner. However, as someone who has enormous ribs, I'm usually looking for ways to visually add a bit of curve to my waist. Thanks to the wonderful people at WhoWhatWhere, here are some tips for how to visually slim your waist just by what you wear.
Long outer layer
A long trench coat or overcoat hugs in all the right places and can give a little more shape. I like ones that are fitted in the middle and then flare out a bit to give me more of a waist.
Flare skirt
I love this trend! It hugs at my waist and then flares out over my butt and legs. It's perfect for creating an hourglass illusion.
Belted waist
This is an age-old trick. Add a belt around the waist and it breaks up the outfit, along with creating a slimming illusion on my waist.
I'm a girl who loves wearing all black, so I'm totally into this look. Wearing all one color is visually lengthening and makes me look a little bit leaner (even if I just at an entire pizza).
V-neck tops and dresses
Don't go overboard with the V, but the style makes your neck and chest longer, which visually slims the waist.
@JordanNash This is one of my favorite styles!
@kristynsimcox I totally agree with you! it's combining monochrome and the long layers trends to really work!
Love the long trench coat and all black. It's also great when u wear the coat with your black!
I love a flare skirt as someone with a bigger bottom and tiny shoulders. It evens out my body proportions and makes my waist look great!