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Flexing your determination. Lifting your spirits up. Challenging yourself. Jogging past regret. Fighting through the pain. Dancing towards success. Leaping over negative vibes. Sprinting through the heartache. Biking past your favorite fast food place. Shoving nutritious foods down your throat. Swimming towards your ideal weight. Kicking away the negative comments. Worrying less about a number on a scale. Taking your fitness journey one day at a time. Convincing your mind that your body can handle it. Gaining the muscle you deserve. Creating a dream/vision board. Surrounding yourself with positive fitness motivation. Asking yourself what YOU want. Making realistic goals. Having fun while you workout. Dominating a tough exercise. Rewarding yourself accordingly. Sweating the toxins away. Believing in your own strength. Showing progress. Doing something versus wishing for it. Acknowledging your attributes. Accomplishing everything you worked hard for. Celebrating every pound lost. Looking in the mirror and being proud of the person you're becoming.
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This makes a fitness journey seem like so much more than just eating better and going to the gym. Really beautiful!