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It wasn't too long ago that there were strict rules for both style and length of veil. Also, if you were pregnant or were on your second marriage, then a veil was considered a faux pas. Nowadays, you can pretty much wear any kind of veil you'd like. The biggest concern is, will you like it and will it look good on you and with your dress.
Even if you choose to stray from traditions, you'll want to get up to date with some timeless style notes that could make all the difference in your bridal veil, if you choose to wear one.
The Knot's website has an exhaustive list of things to look out for when choosing a veil for your big day. And while I can't possibly list them all, here are the must-know tips for choosing your wedding veil:

1. Ornamentation

When it comes to the sparkle or addition of appliques and beading or other design embellishments on the veil, you want to make sure that those extras don't compete with your gown embellishments. Experts agree that the veil embellishments should begin where the ornamentation of the gown ends. This prevents the two from competing with each other.

2. Crystals Versus Rhinestones

This is changing as better photography (and photo correction) is seeing far superior quality by as recent as five years ago. That said, if you're looking for that bling factor, you'll want to stay away from rhinestones and opt for the pricier crystals. This is because mirror-backed acrylic tends to photograph as gray spots, whereas the leaded crystal tends to photograph in the rainbow light spectrum or as a white glint.

3. Ribbon

To get that polished look, many brides opt for a single line of ribbon at the edge of the veil. Be careful! If you are particularly short in stature, something as simple and beautiful as ribbon can sabotage your look--making you appear chopped in half or even shorter than you are. The illusion of looking your absolute best gets wasted on three yards of ribbon. No one wants that!

4. Dying

Careful! Before you attempt to dye your great-great grandmother's cap veil. I'll spare you the horror stories of dying fiascos, especially for antique or one-of-a-kind accessories. Experts are all saying the same thing: keep the original in its ORIGINAL state--color and all. Expert cleaning can undo a lot of filth and residue--giving it a natural whitened look. But do not attempt to dye or bleach anything.

5. Matching

Back in the 90s you could match your entire life and still not be matched enough. That's all done now! Matching is a word that's used loosely, but what should be used is Pairing. Don't frenzy yourself (and others) until you've found the perfect matching veil. Instead, find a veil that complements your dress. IT'S OKAY FOR THE DRESS AND VEIL NOT TO MATCH. But they should pair well.
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I never even thought about the ribbon banding on a veil and what that would do to the total image of how a bride would look. WOW! That's a good one @marshalledgar