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Food can be enjoyed by anyone. You don't have to be a self-described foodie, or a gifted chef, or a millionaire to find pleasure in eating something delicious. Actually, you don't really even have to be a human. Even animals get it: eating isn't just a necessity; it's something exciting and enjoyable, something that brings variety and vitality to life.
This quote reminds me that even though I'm on a tight budget right now, good food is something that I don't have to give up. It's surprising what yummy things you can make with just a few simple, fresh, inexpensive ingredients. Grandma's humble chicken soup can be as complex, flavorful, and satisfying as any five-star meal. So remember, everybody: you don't need a silver fork to eat great food!
My cousin taught himself how to make incredible gourmet meals on a tiny college-student budget! It took a lot of experimenting and many nasty-tasting meals but now he can make a million dollar dish out of nothing!
This sounds like me and a good slice of thin-crust pizza. I don't use a silver fork for it at all, and it tastes like a million bucks to me! Well.. you know, figuratively. ;)