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LeeGeon of Madtown Cover Project #2__Lay Me Down by Sam Smith
(இ﹏இ`。) Ohhhhhhhh my Geonnie has done it again<33 I adore this song. Its one of my favorites like ever.....no one does it like Sam Smith but Geon did it justice. Geonnie is not only talented but also a smart vocalist. He picks songs that really fit his range and vocal style. He's covered songs that are near and dear to my heart so of course I'm loving him. He and I seriously need to get together and talk music....<3
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This is sooooo good!!! Thanks for sharing @PassTheSuga! ^^
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@poojas I'm glad you enjoyed it 。^‿^。 I adore this boy. He pulls on my heartstrings.
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@PassTheSuga Mhm. So many K-idols to keep track of lol! ^_^
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