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TEEN TOP Flashy Comeback Teaser
Here it is folks! Teen Top jut dropped the teaser for their comeback's title track, Ah-Ah!
21 seconds of a color and awesome techno-ish sounds with no real vocals.
A super fancy car (I want it!) at Ah-Ah Drive-In. I see what you did there, Teen Top!
Look at all that fabulous hair! Perfection~ (Gif Credit)
Is it just me or you guys getting EXO vibes from this scene? Not the actual dance or Teen Top but the background and the lights? Definitely gives me "Overdose" vibes.
Overall, a super cool teaser. Wish we could have heard part of the lyrics! Can't wait for June 22nd!
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There has never been a Teen Top song that I haven't loved and LOOK AT LJOE.
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I can't wait for this to come out. The Teen Top guys are crazy dancers. They kind of remind me of SHINee that way!
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