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This is an unconventional DIY...just you all know.

Images and text like you see here do two things to me:
1. They make me mad because it's got "scam" written all over it, and
2. I ALWAYS WISH that whatever the "promise" was, that it was TRUE!
Well, my friends, this one is TRUE and verifiable by FACT! And shockingly, it's about drinking water DAILY.

1 Fullness and appetite control

Drink water as soon as you wake. Drink it before each meal and with each meal. Still feeling hungry for seconds? Drink some water. You'll be amazed how full you can train your body to feel just by drinking water, which you should be doing anyway.

2 Minimize Snack Cravings

You know that moment when all you want to do is put SOMETHING in your mouth? And it almost doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's SOMETHING?! Yeah, I get that feeling too. But according to experts, the answer is to drink a glass of water and to wait ten minutes. Only if the feeling doesn't go away should you eat. Also, when you choose to eat at that time, make it a healthy choice.

3 Cause and Effect

The more water you drink, the more activities you can perform, which means faster weight loss. The stuff that zap you of energy is all curable by drinking water. So the headaches and lethargy that eat at your day can be almost eliminated. And that means more energy toward weight loss activities like cardio.

4 Zero Calories!

I heard a wise personal trainer once say, "Eat your calories--not your drinks!" I love that because it allows me to eat well for 400 calories instead of drinking a soft drink that has 320 calories!!!!!!

5 Motivation

There's a VERY FALSE statement that people love to preach. They say, "Practice makes perfect." But that's NOT TRUE! One of those well-known TED talk power speakers wisely said, "Practice makes permanent." And it's so true. Doing something regimented long enough doesn't perfect anything, but it will create patterns of habit. Drinking water is a healthy habit that increases motivation to stick to it because you can't help but see and feel the positive results.

6 Digestion

Granted, it's not the most exciting on the list, but water's ability to aid in healthy digestion means that your body is able to properly utilize fuel for the right purpose at the right time. Did you know that your body needs 1 liter of water for every 1000 calories you consume? This is all to aid in healthy digestion.

7 Reduces Water Weight

Seems like a catch-22 but by keeping hydrated, you reduce the bloating and ballooning that occurs when you consume high-sodium foods without drinking enough water. Reduce your sodium intake by even a fraction of what it is with good drinking habits can dramatically reduce water retention.

8 Detox

Want healthier, moisturized skin? It's all about the water. Water naturally detoxifies the body. You can take all the 3-day cleanses you want, but if you're not drinking water regularly, then it's all in vain. By drinking water like you're supposed to, you won't need to agonize for THREE WHOLE DAYS of wheat grass smoothies! Yuck!!!!!

So How Much Do You Need?

Women = 2.7 liters daily = 7.5 12-ounce glasses
Men = 3.7 liters daily = 10.5 12-ounce glasses
Part of my SUMMER THEME this year is all about the water. On RARE occasions I will splurge on one of my favorite Starbucks drinks with a million calories. But only once in a while. Are you ladies (and men) going to join me this summer?!?!!?!
You're supposed to say YES!!!! <3
yes! I am with ya!
I love "practice makes permanent"! So true! Every time you say yes to eating something healthy instead of indulging in a craving, you're taking one step closer to actually cementing that habit. Thanks for the inspiration!
That's a lot of water!! but it's a good idea