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So earlier today I heard news that a drunken GD told Seungri oppa to "shut the f*** up" at an encore show. It seemed as though it was all in good fun and GD did not mean Seungri oppa any harm. Even more so Seungri is said to be by his hyung's side as they all had quite a bit to drink. GD oppa was also seen being escorted out of the event, probably for his own safety. I hope GD oppa is ok and sobers up. Hopefully all the oppa's sober up well and I commend Seungri oppa for looking out for his hyung's.
I can't imagine GD doing that to his favorite maknae but he must have been really drunk, hahaha.
I'm love that Big Bang is allowed to be real guys instead of stuffy idols - they get drunk! they cuss! sometimes they're assholes! hahahhahaha