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Safe Homemade Sparklers - DIY Must!
You are going to FLIP OUT when you see just how cute and easy these homemade Fourth of July sparklers are to make! Totally kid-friendly and mom-approved, so no need to fuss or worry about this project. I mean, kids could even make this the day-of (to keep them busy!).
This project is so safe, the scariest thing about it is using a pair of craft scissors! How awesome is that?!
What you need:
Washi tape
Follow the video as this girl explains this in such easy detail, it's not even worth writing it down. I mean, you could just look at the picture and know what to do, it's that easy! LOL
I hope you all have a fun and safe July 4th this year (and every year!!). Have fun with this project and let me know what other projects you're doing for the holiday! <3\
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