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After his drug trafficking scandal that began late last year, Bumkey will be soon returning to the music scene with a fresh single titled My Everything. The artist recently released an album cover for the upcoming track in anticipation for its release. Aside from his activities with his group TROY, his new single will break his one year of music hiatus following his release of “Home” Known for his soothing and captivating R&B vocals, the artist also enlisted help from his wife Kang Da Hye for the track’s production and composition. In addition, the artist is gearing up to embark on his first ever solo tour titled Bumkey & Friends starting July 11th. My Everything is set to be unveiled on June 19th. cr:Koreaboo http://www.koreaboo.com/photo/bumkey-return-new-single-everything/
I was ECSTATIC after reading this article.....how did I not know about this sooner?? I didn't even know he was cleared of the drug charges! So I was like excited²!!!!!
Y'all don't even know how bummed I was at the idea of him going to prison for 5 years....(╥_╥) But this is like.....the best news!! I CANT WAITTTT!!!!! A teaserrrr, Brand New.....please???
I don't think I could even speak a word to San-E if I tried. He is bae these days.
DOES THIS MEAN TROY GETS TO DO A COMEBACK TOO??? Insert all the heart eyes for Kanto here.
Oh, I wasn't aware of the scandal but I'm also glad things got cleared up and that he is coming back! :)
@danidee BAHHHHHHH. I DON'T KNOW!!! BUT THEY SHOULDDDDDD. Lets ask San E. He seems to know errythang.
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