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You finally finished curling your hair and you are pretty satisfied with how it looks. But, two hours later your curls fall flat. How do you make curls last through the day?
Before you purchase any excessive products and apply them on your hair, figure out why your is having a hard time holding up the curls.
Hair Evaluation:
1. Is your hair texture fine and straight?
2. Are you applying too much products to your hair?
3. Do you have a habit of touching your hair?
Below are answers to common problems and additional tips to extend your curls.

Give your hair texture!

If your hair is too soft and silky to work with you need a magic potion to give your hair some texture. Dry shampoo is one option to add volume to your hair and get rid of excess oil. Plus, it will freshen up your second day hair.

Don't over condition.

Conditioning the ends of your hair can help protect it from split ends. However, you should only use half of your standard dose if you plan to curl freshly washed hair. This will leave room for styling products without weighing your hair down.

Use the right technique:

1. Curl your hair from top to bottom. It's much easier, faster and it'll last longer.
2. Clip up each curl as you go. This method allow your curls to set in place and the cuticles to cool and close for longer lasting curls.
3. Use a flat iron. Flat iron tend to hold better than curling iron and the curls are bouncier. Look for one that has round edges. If you prefer to use a curling iron, mist your hair with hairspray (let it sit for a second to dry) and then curl it.
4. Set your curls. Once all your hair is curled, spray it one last time with hairspray then blow dry it on low for a few seconds.
How do you get curls like the first picture?
@iluvdurian31 It's called finger waves. You can refer to this tutorial -->
My curls used to fall flat by noon, so I start applying curling creme before curling my hair and it helps!