Because of the turbulent social situation, more and more people pay attention to their lives and properties. In recent years, there are several terrorist attacks in the world. People's life and property are facing serious menace. New technology is used to produce effective tools to prevent these attacks. One of the most useful tools is explosive detector. Let's have a look at baggage inspection. Chemistry has been used for produce heat and reagents to extract or identify the essence of the sample for many years. And detection of samples which contains explosives used to be conducted under laboratory settings by skilled technicians. However, detection of explosives in non-laboratory settings requires substantially greater challenges, especially for non-technical personnel under stressful conditions. With the help of explosive detector, it is easy for first responders to detect possible explosives in different weather or environments. Explosive detector features are various. First of all, it can detect over thirty different explosives and energetic materials. It is fully functional in any terrestrial environment. What's more, one of explosive detector features is convenient. It can be held in one hand and the weight of the detector is very light. One of explosive detector features efficient. Explosive detector can detect over 30 of the world's most commonly used explosives in several seconds. Explosive detector is reliable. It won't be affected by moisture, heat, altitude, cigarette smoke, or any petroleum products. There is no lengthy calibration or re-calibration in the machine. It can analyze any sample easily. How much do you know after the introduction of explosive detector features? Here are some explosive detector applications. Explosive detector can be used at airport, border patrol, security checkpoints, military scrap metal, demilitarization operations, immigration, environmental surveys, law enforcement, military and etc. By using explosive detector, a lot of possible danger may be eliminated. So, explosive detector is an important tool for security. Since we have introduced explosive detector features and applications of explosive detector, how much have you learnt? If you still have problems about explosive detector, you can contact us by email or by phone. We are willing to help you solve all your questions. If you think explosive detector is quite useful for you and you want to order one, you can also contact us. Our company is specialized in providing explosive detector. Moreover, we also provide other detectors like baggage inspection, cargo inspection, metal detectors, and liquid inspection. We are professional manufacturer who can provide you high quality products with suitable price. Humanized service will be offered to you as well. Come and cooperate with us as soon as possible!