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Got7 if playing Kcon L.A. not N.Y. ughh the feelz...
I wish I could go to L.A.. The are taking FOREVER to announce N.Y.'s lineup ughhh. So far we only have Vixx and Girl's Generation...
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@Allyphernelia Literally my sisters and I are checking their website and social medias for anything about KCON NY like 20 times a day. But supposedly they said they are going to announce something today or tomorrow.. but definietly on the live chat on Thursday. We're getting really anxious.... (>_<) And don't even get me started that GOT7 is going to LA. So annoying... -_-'
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I feel your pain @StephanieDuong I'm doing the same thing it's driving me CRAZY!!!! :/
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@Allyphernelia I just watched the KCON live chat and all they talked about was LA ticket info.. And they even pushed back the date for the NY tickets. It's now gonna be sold on Thursday June 25. My sisters and I are SO ANNOYED THEY KEEP AVOIDING NY. ( ̄︿ ̄)
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#Annoying -_-
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@Allyphernelia Super annoying. ( ̄ ﹌  ̄)
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