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Here is the short version of the story: the boy arrived before his parents at home and didn't have his key, so he shot hoops for 90 minutes while waiting. When the parents got there, a cop (who had been called by the neighbors) arrested them for neglect.
Now, I understand being worried about kids when they are left alone, but there is a limit to when this should be applied, and I think this was out of line.
One analyst had this to say:
"What is important is in Florida there is no minimum age where a child cannot be left alone at home? Where is the greater harm? In this government overreach, where they come in and kind of steamroll this family and try to address some sort of neglect charge, they created the harm, because they removed the 11-year-old child from home, along with his four-year-old brother, for a month, in and out of foster care."
And that's my point exactly. Too many people today think kids can never be left unsupervised... ever. If kids are alone, people assume they must be in danger, and it's the parents' fault. And, of course, they believe that the state must do something to "protect" the children from the dangerous world.
And this I just don't understand. Shouldn't we be helping our children learn how to navigate the world alone, little by little? I think the answer is yes.