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This was cracking me up!!! Guys are always saying that they like girls who only wear natural looks, which may be true for the day to day, but I really, really doubt that they NEVER want to see their girlfriend in more fancy makeup!!!
I like that these guys knew what kind of makeup they like. I don't think your boyfriend has the right to tell you to wear/not wear makeup (that's up to you!) BUT I do think that if they like a certain style of makeup theirs no reason they can't express that, you know?
I mean, girls talk about what kind of clothes they like on guys all the time, and guys don't get mad about it, so I think the same should go for girls and makeup! The girls don't need to change their makeup to match whatever is said, but the guys can say it, in my opinion!
@beywatch she was cracking me up too but she needs to CALM DOWNNNN when talking to her BF!! She's being so mean to him hahahah assuming they're gonna break up and all that
Allison is KILLING ME. She's so funny. Her and her Jersey lips.