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Summer is a busy season. You have graduations, weddings and gatherings all happening at the same time. It can get a little overwhelming when it comes to dressing up for the next big event. Which is why I'm sharing a few of my favorite minimalist updo for the busy girl. All of the hairstyles are suitable for any occasion and you'll be certain your hair will look great in every picture ever documented.

Messy French Twist

All you need to do is gather you hair, pivot it to one side and gently twist your ends of your hair into an updo.

The Twisted Bun

1. Section and hold your hair into two ponytails.
2. Tie a knot.
3. Twist one side and pin it to place.
4. Repeat it to the other side.
I wonder how many bobby pins are used for the messy French twist.
kindly elaborate the steps for Messy French Twist... i didn get how to twist hairs that put them in bun..
@shanu2905 I agree, I'd love to see more on how to do that style! It's sooo pretty and elegant... but I'm not sure it would work for my thick, thick hair :/
amanda norris