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Sugar, we're counting down. For the inaugural Rock Ranking we're taking a trip down memory lane with Fall Out Boy. From Take this to Your Grave to American Beauty/Amercan Psycho. Here is Fall Out Boy's major label catalog. Ranked.

6. Infinity on High

Infinity was Fall Out Boy's third major label album and really rocketed the guys to stardom. With hits like Thanks for the Memories and This Aint A Scene, It's An Arms Race, their radio play increased and so did their fanbase. Touting a feature from Jay Z and lots of catchy lyrics, the album was an instant classic for hardcore fans. On the whole, not their strongest effort, as there are a lot of songs that just aren't memorable. Though one of my personal favorites, Infinity just doesn't stand up against their other albums.

5. Folie A Deux

Another middle child of the Fall Out Boy Catalog, Folie A Deux, which translates to the shared madness of two, offered up the singles, I Don't Care, and America's Suitehearts. The album was a bit more experimental than we had seen from the band yet. Debby Harry appears on the track W.A.M.S and the album concludes in epic proportions. The hallmark of this record, however; is What a Catch Donnie, a magnum oppus of sorts that led us into the much dreaded Fall Out Boy hiatus in 2013.

4. Take This to Your Grave

The first Fall Out Boy album has a special place in every fan's heart. With songs like Dead on Arrival and the FOB national anthem, Grand Theft Autumn (Where is Your Boy) this album was a solid debut and got the attention of fans and critics alike. Without this record, we wouldn't have the band we know and love today.

3. American Beauty/American Psycho

This may be a controversial spot for the band's newest record, which garnered some mixed reviews from hardcore fans, but I think it's their most exciting work yet. Enlisting some hip-hop tactics like sampling and looping, American Beauty/American Psycho is a stand out in the Fall Out Boy discography. Nobody can deny the stadium power of Centuries, Immortals and the title track. Honestly, I can listen to this record all the way through without skipping around, and that to me, proves an album is sold on a whole different level.

2. Save Rock and Roll

Complete with its own music video film and a whole host of features, this record is epic. It also is self-aware. The band take on rock and roll in a fun, tongue in cheek way with songs that never leave your brain after hearing them. Light Em Up will be a sports anthem forever, and hidden gems like Miss Missing You and the title track create epic atmospheric pop/rock that defines the new Fall Out Boy sound, but doesn't leave the old behind.

1. From Under the Cork Tree

This album put Fall Out Boy on the map. It catapulted them from the relatively unknown to the majorly recognized. Everyone knows their iconic singles, Sugar We're Going Down and Dance Dance. These songs sound-tracked our early years and the deep cuts like, Of All The Gin Joints in the World and Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner provided a backdrop for our angst and break-ups. This album will never fade as a pinnacle of every Fall Out Boy fan's life. Music creates memories, and each of these records has their own, but Cork Tree's are the most vivid.