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[TO. ST★RLIGHT] Seeing Starlight Babies!
Our Starlight Babies~ I went to the theater and practiced for the first time todayyy~The week of the musical’s first show has come~I’m getting a lot of encouragement thinking of Starlights who are always looking over me and sending me love~A lot of you sent cheers saying to monitor my body’s strength well~But because I’m making sure to keep in good condition don’t worry too much~^^ I hope our Starlights will alsoooo come to the performance hall healthilyy~~
Today, too, I’m the Jaehwan-ie that’s receiving strength from Starlight Babies~
Original Text:

우리 별빛애기들~ 저는 오늘 처음으로 극장에 가서 연습을 했어용~뮤지컬 첫공연이 이번주로 다가왔네요~항상 지켜봐주시고 사랑해주시는 별빛 생각하며 힘내고 있어용~체력관리 잘하라고 많이들 응원해주시는데~좋은 컨디션 유지하려고 하고있으니 너무 걱정하지마세요~^^그리고 우리 별빛도 건강한 모습으루 공연장에 와주셨으면 좋겠어용~~ 오늘도 힘을 얻고가는 재환이가 별빛애기들에게~

Translation credit: fyeah-vixx
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YOU'RE HERE. OMO. Ken is too cute even though I can't staaaaand being called a baby (by anyone other than Jaehwan that is hahahhaha)