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Cap'n Crunch, Raisin Brand, Cinnamon Toast Crunch -- abuelita will call all of them corn flake. And yeah, she's kinda right, they're all pretty much the same.
Although it seems like breakfast isn't very popular in Latin America, we still have our food staples. And they are very good. And we love our dishes even more with coffee.
You know that scrambled egg and kinda-burnt toast you have on your plate right now?
You see that trash can in your kitchen? ...

You did the right thing.


(Puerto Rican ham and cheese sandwich)
This breakfast sandwich is from Puerto Rico. It's a ham and cheese sandwich inside a sweet bread. The bread is fluffy, buttery, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It's pressed and served warm. This actually puts the McDonald's McGriddle to shame. Just saying.
I am so hungry now. *drool*


(Mexican bean and cheese sandwich)
This food is from Mexico. It's like a French bread pizza, but SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE. A bolillo roll is sliced in half. There is a layer of refried beans, cheese, and served hot with pico de gallo served on top. These can also be served as a side dish, or as an appetizer for brunch.


Also from Mexico, pambazo is a Mexican white bread, which is dipped in warm red guajillo pepper sauce. Guajillo is a pepper, but it's considered to be mild. The bread is soaked in the guajillo pepper sauce, giving the bread an orange-red color. It is then sliced in half and used as a sandwich. It can be stuffed with various food items like meat, potatoes, vegetables, or cheese -- depending which region you ask.
Wonder Bread, eat your heart out.

Cuban Toast and Coffee with Milk

This breakfast is very common breakfast in Cuba. It's easy, straight-to-the-point and gives your stomach food hugs. You use Cuban bread, press it, serve with butter -- a lot of butter. The bread is then dripped into the café con leche (coffee with milk).
I've had this breakfast, but I've never dipped my toast into the coffee. How does it taste?

Gallo Pinto With Eggs, Cream, and Plantains

I am not going to say where you can find this dish, because I believe you can find this in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I don't know where exactly where this dish originated, and I don't want to be in the middle of a food war with my Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans. But if you know the answer, please educate me!
This plate is a nice, hefty breakfast, served for the true foodies! It has gallo pinto, which is a mix of rice and beans, eggs, cream, and fried plantains.
@redridergirl your comment got me back to this post again! i instantly regret the totally lame bagel with butter i just inhaled. PISSED hahaha
While I don't prefer to eat breakfast now we're talking especially with the Mollete!
@alywoah I have just discovered that I can not look at your posts without having food in front of me. I am STARVING now! The Mollete sounds like anything i have ever dreamed about and more
@redridergirl I'M HUNGRY TOO. My eyes keep going back to all the bread lol.
@LizArnone Ok you just brought me back here and now I am hungry!
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