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Today is such a monumental day for you because you're finally ready to take a plunge into a new chapter, book, life, world. Whatever you want to label it. I hope you brought a writing utensil because signing your old life away will be mandatory. Let me start with a small introduction. This new chapter, book, life, world will cater to healthy living and fitness. That's non-negotiable. There's no giving up in this world. There's no going back because once you've decided that being 40 pounds overweight isn't a look you want to go for, you've finally recognized a personal issue you're ready to overcome. You have one body, one heart, one life, one mind, but if you’re fortunate enough to have two arms, two legs, two eyes and two lungs then you really have no excuses. You've recently discovered that eating fast food has made you feel physically and mentally disgusted. You've acknowledged that a shortness of breath after walking up one flight of stairs should not be the reason you're exhausted for the rest of the day. So, you're ready to make some changes.
Your first goal is achieving that ideal body that's only visible in your dreams. You want to know the secret? If you want a nice body, you need to get up and go get it. You can’t pick it out of a magazine and hope that shipping comes around 3-5 business days. You can’t sit behind a computer screen looking for motivational photos of models wearing swimsuits in hopes of transforming into one. You need to stop being afraid of how you’re going to start this incredibly difficult journey and just go for it. Dig deep to find your true motivations for wanting to start this new chapter, book, life, world and I promise you will thank yourself later on.
I want to encourage you to use health and fitness as two reliable outlets you can turn to on any given day: bad, good, or average. These two things will never leave you like a backstabbing friend, or a cheating boyfriend, or a vindictive family member. They will always be there for you. I’ve found that at the end of the day, no matter what world you're living in, we are all desperate to find that small space that enables us to escape from the harsh realities that surround us. Health and fitness can be that for you. Stop saying, “tomorrow” and start saying, “today.” You may not run a mile under 10 minutes. You may sneak in that sugary, afternoon snack. Hell, you might even stop your workout after 5 push-ups. This world won't be sunshine and rainbows right away. You will have urges to give up, stray away, and fall back into your old habits. It's natural. Good news is that everyone is a beginner at some point. So, if you're willing to open that new book and start that first chapter, then I want to formally welcome you to the first day of the rest of your life.
Tomorrow is never guaranteed so it's better to start now @galinda!
I always, always say tomorrow but this makes me think twice.