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If you are anything like me, food and music are your two biggest loves. Music, for me, creates an atmosphere just as much as the smell of something cooking on the stove.
Like food, music is something we often attach our memories too. They remind us of where we've been and provoke a certain nostalgia. (Food and music also get me really pumped. I found a recipe for Vegan Lucky Charms a few days ago, for example, and you KNOW I was stoked.)
So I figured it would be fun to take a break from recipes to create a playlist of food-related songs by artists that I love. Play this the next time you begin your recipe prep, and who knows? Maybe your food will taste even better!
Because Dark Leafy Greens Are Important:

Schoolboy Q featuring Kendrick Lamar - "Collard Greens"

First, I feel like giving a shout-out to the dark, leafy greens for being one of the most nutritionally under-represented veggies out there - especially your collards, escaroles, and broccoli rabes. (Did you know that regularly eating collard greens has been clinically proven to help prevent inflammation, high cholesterol, and several forms of cancer? Schoolboy Q is looking out for YOU.)
An Ode To The Chocolate Chip Cookie:

The Rolling Stones - "Brown Sugar"

Okay, it should be noted that not ALL brown sugars are 100% animal-free. But brown sugar is still very possible to use in vegan baking. My favorite is probably Wholesome Sweeteners' Organic Light Brown Sugar, which I like to add to my frequent cup of ginger tea to give it a little extra of a gingersnap-style punch. (I'd imagine that's how Mick would like it too!)
An Advisory Against Bad Cholesterol:

A Tribe Called Quest - "Ham 'N' Eggs"

Basically everything you need to know about good nutrition, you can probably learn from A Tribe Called Quest lyricist Phife Dawg. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 20 years old, and in this song, it's quite evident how careful he thinks about what he puts in his body. In this song, he turns down his grandma's ham and eggs for healthier options - for example, Indian roti and exotic fruits like the Caribbean soursop.
To Celebrate Stone Fruit Season:

The Presidents of the United States of America - "Peaches"

This was everyone's favorite song in 6th grade summer camp, so it's pretty much impossible to make a food-oriented playlist without it! According to a study from Texas A&M, eating peaches wards off obesity-related diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease. Peaches are so great, in fact, The Presidents of the United States of America battle ninjas for them!
For When You're Packing Lunch:

Fiona Apple - "Paper Bag"

In 'Paper Bag', Fiona begins the chorus with the lyrics "Hunger hurts, and I want him so bad that it kills." In my head, she's probably singing about how much she can't wait for her lunch break - since this is usually the sentiment I feel around 11:30 in the morning when all I want to do is reach for my packed lunch. Kind of weird that she calls her lunchbox a dude though.
The 90's Official 'Save The Chicken' Anthem:

Cibo Matto - "Know Your Chicken"

Cibo Matto are pretty much the queens of writing songs about food. Pretty much their entire tracklisting for their first album 'Viva! La Woman' has some sort of ingredient referenced in the title. By far, my favorite is 'Know Your Chicken', which is a story about how the narrator saved two chickens from being eaten and raised them in her house.
For The Trending Twitter Age Foodie:

Animal Collective - "Applesauce"

This is probably the porniest music video I have ever seen, but all it involves is a woman eating fruit. Listen, some of us just really enjoy getting in our daily recommended value of dietary fiber. It really does wonders for the colon.
Oh hoho! I am giggling, but also super into this playlist. I wasn't actually expecting a Tribe song to make the cut hahah
@caricakes I'm glad you're loving this list as much as I loved making it. Do you have any favorite food songs?