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What do you mean you haven't heard of Playing for Change?
This is seriously awesome. It's not new, but it is certainly noteworthy.
Playing for Change is an organization that focuses on linking the world through music. The filmmakers pick a popular song - in this case, "Stand By Me" - and travel around the world, asking various street musicians from all corners of the globe to perform the song. The results will give you chills every time.
This video has it all. A percussionist New Orleans, a crazy-good singer from Amsterdam, a drummer from the Congo - you name it.
My favorite part of this video is that the filmmakers were insistent upon leaving the musicians in their natural places of performance. They didn't bring them to a recording studio, because they knew that would compromise the authenticity of the project. It's so cool to see the different settings where you might run into these characters: a public square in Moscow, a street corner in Rio, a forest in New Mexico, and just about everything in between. The production is amazing and it almost feels like the musicians are all in a room together.
Who is your favorite musician in the video? I get such a kick out of Washboard Chaz...only in New Orleans, I guess....!