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Jennifer Lopez is the queen of looking better with age. She looks better and better the older she gets. I mean, how is she in her 40s and looking this awesome?!? Here is a recreation of this effoetless street style look for less.
Black skinny jeans Start your look off with classic black skinny jeans. There are plenty of options out there for simple black skinny jeans, so it's easy to find a pair that fit you perfectly!
White t-shirt The pieces of this outfit are really simple, but altogether, they give an effortless rocker-chic vibe. Again, there are an infinite number of options for classic white t-shirts.
Leather jacket Garner your inner Grease Lightning with a leather jacket over your t-shirt. Look for one that is fitted at the waist to provide an hourglass shape to your outfit.
Strappy heeled sandals Add some edge and height to your look with heeled sandals. The more straps, the better.
Accessories Finish off your look with a few key accessories. The slouchy beanie gives the outfit a comfy feel. Add a large brown tote and hoop earrings, and voila, you can strut your stuff just like J.Lo.