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Best Lead: Kim Woo Bin vs. Lee Min Ho
Hi guys,
I just recently joined the K-Dramas community and I absolutely love it! I'm so excited to be able to share my excitement about dramas and stars on here. ^_^
I've been posting some cards about K-Dramas but I had the idea of a weekly "Who is the better lead?" card where we can vote on 2 K-Drama leads and talk about why we picked the winner. I would love to know which dramas you guys have watched and who your favorite K-Drama actors and actresses are!
For this first week, I'm going to have to vote for Kim Woo Bin. Here are my (very biased) reasons as to why:
1. No one wins the eyebrow game like KWB does!
2. He is besties with my other favorite K-Drama actor, Lee Jong Suk. (Bromance!!!)
3. Not only is he an actor, he is also a fabulous model. (Look at that smug face!)
4. He pulls of the super serious roles and can make you cry. (School 2013 feels, anyone?)
5. But he can also be a complete dork. (Is the subbed version of Twenty out yet? I need to see it!)
So basically, he is perfect and Lee Min Ho can't really compete (again, totally biased opinion!).
Let us know who the better lead is and what other leads you'd like to see in next week's card! ^_^
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