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Last week Earth, Wind & Fire shocked the world by bringing out Kendrick Lamar during their Bonnaroo set. The synergy between the collective and was amazing. Kendrick reeled off a cool freestyle over the funkadelic tunes of the band.
Post show, I began to wonder, was this the first time they have linked up? His latest album TBAP was the perfect place to enlist the services of the group, as the production of the album fell right into the pocket of the type of music Earth, Wind & Fire create.
While many may be still riding the waves of TPAB, I am sure Kendrick is always in the studio creating new music. We have seen some great r&b based collabs in the past from Kendrick, and I expect him to keep the ball rolling on his next album. Below are some r&b collaborations I would love to see fall into place on his next body of work.
Amy Winehouse
Anyone who listens to Winehouse and vintage work from Kendrick Lamar would know that these two would’ve made amazing music. Like Kendrick, Winehouse created music with such an authentic, passionate tone. I am sure there are unreleased Amy Winehouse songs in the labels archive. If Kendrick were to ever get rights to an unreleased hook he could create a rap classic with Winehouse.
Many may not know this, but JMSN played a pivotal role in Kendrick Lamar's’ classic album “Good Kid Madd City.” His vocals were on cult classics “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe,” “Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst” and more. Word on the street is he has an unreleased album with TDE member Ab-Soul on ice as well. If Kendrick and JMSN were to create a song, it would be a gem.
Adele is a star. Her voice is without flaw. I love the texture of the music she creates as well. I think these two could make amazing music if they got in a studio together. Can you imagine a run of joint tour dates after the song drops? Sheesh.
PARTYNEXTDOOR is one of the fastest growing r&b artists in the underground scene right now. PARTY rarely collabs with artists, but this would be worth his time. His soulful voice over vicious bars from Kendrick would surely be a hit.
Jhene Aiko
Jhene was one of the first r&b artists to create a gem with Kendrick. Their song “Growing Apart” on Lamar's’ “Overly Dedicated” mixtape was one of my favorite songs ever. Both artists have grown significantly since that time period. If they were to create a new song it would go viral for sure.
@jordanhamilton I also would like to hear do a new collab with Robin Thicke, but only if he is on his "Evolution of Robin Thicke" album tip.. his new work hasn't really grabbed me like that album did
@jordanhamilton I agree, a Frank Ocean cllab would be amazing. A new Kendrick and Jhene Collab would be awesome as well. I truly believe if Amy was alive her and Kendrick would have many collabs together, sonically they mesh so well together.
I AM SO HERE FOR THIS ON SO MANY LEVELS! I'm a huge K.Dot fan. A Jhene collab would be amazing & as far as Amy, that would've been epic. I think he should def collab with Frank Ocean, I can only imagine!
I feel like Kendrick can do no wrong and anyone he collab'd w/ would be pretty amazing. I get so much slack for saying this, but I've never been much of a Robin Thicke fan so I can't speak on that. I will say I bet if he was to do something with Kendrick, my entire mindset would change. I'm looking forward to something amazing this summer. I can feel it.