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1. Robert Fairchild ("An American in Paris")

Don't compare yourself to anybody else. Especially as a dancer, you're always looking in the mirror, judging yourself, fixing your lines. Use the people that surround you in the field that you're in as inspiration. It will bring out the best in you.

2. Ron Bohmer (“The Scarlet Pimpernel” “Ragtime”)

You’re always learning. Don’t think that you know it all, ‘cause you don’t. I’m still learning every single day, every show. It’s ever-evolving, and that’s why I love this profession. And always be willing to listen to the veterans. They’ve got a lot to tell.

3. Kelli O’Hara (“The King and I”)

Nobody is who you are. Nobody does what you do.' I used to get bogged down by someone singing my song in the audition room, so I'd switch mine up and then fall on my face because it wasn't what I'd planned. Or, just worrying too much about what someone else is doing and the path they've taken. And thinking, 'Why am I not in that same spot?' There's only you...Make decisions based on who you are and who you want to be.

4. Matthew Morrison ("Finding Neverland")

Don't take things so seriously. You get so wrapped in this world. Just go along for the ride and be your true authentic self.

5. Jessie Mueller ("Fiddler on the Roof," “Carousel”)

Everybody has a different way of doing it, but I think you can learn a lot by not forcing yourself to the frontline, but actually hanging back and watching and learning from other people. The listening plays greatly into being a good actor. Listening is one of the hardest things you can do on stage, and I think it’s one of the most valuable, because I think it’s what keeps things fresh and grounded and rooted. And the greatest actors I know can do that, can listen.
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That’s so interesting @shannon15! I think we tend to associated performers with loud, and abrasive characteristics, and forget that performers need to learn from others too! :)
This is all such great advice! For performers and audiences alike (especially the bit about listening)! An acting teacher I had once told me that the best actors were the wallflowers- the ones who take everything in.
I’ve been there @caricakes. My mom used to tell me, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” whenever I got upset about not being as awesome as someone else. I try to keep that in my head. And I think it’s so important for artists! The best kind of people are praised for being truly themselves.
Using other people as inspiration and not a comparison is hard, but once you can do it it is amazing. I honestly used to hate one of my best friends because she's perfect no matter what she does and it drove me CRAZY. Now I see that we're totally different people but we can help each other grow in really cool ways!