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I don't know about your home town, but at least here in New York the weather has been so bizarre! I can't even say its been shitty because there have been some really beautiful days...they just have been sandwiched between crappy rainy ones. I know rain is suppose to be cleansing and beautiful and refreshing but trying to go to work in the rain seriously drains the life right out of me.
So, to help me remember why the rain ROCKS here are a few reminders. It might help me get though this gray Tuesday.
1. The rain sounds so nice when you are trying to sleep
Maybe it's because my Dad always told me to listen to the rain when I was a kid but I never sleep as well as when it is raining. I think thats why I hate waking up to rain; because the pitter patter on the roof is like my own personal song. Even when there is thunder I find it easier to sleep because I feel like that just means its raining even harder!
I obviously don't need a thunder buddy, but for Marky Mark I could pretend.
2. Everything really does feel cleaner after a rain
The rain washes everything away. It takes away the gross snow that litters the ground towards the end of winter and it pushes the nasty garbage urine smell straight to the gutter. During spring the trees look healthier and the grass looks greener with little raindrops sliding down the blades. Rain really does make the whole world see fresh and new again, even if it is only for a few minutes.
3. You don't have to feel guilty for having a lazy day in bed
So its pouring outside but you were suppose to go for a run. Here is your guilt free ticket outta that! Now you get to curl up and watch Netflix or nap or my personal favorite, binge read an entire book while eating chips. Sometimes there are days when you just want to chill, but sunny days always make you feel guilty for not taking advantage of them.
Rainy days never judge or make you feel guilty. Rock on rainy day, if I could I would hug you.
4. There really is something romantic about the rain
Maybe its because it gives you a chance to cozy up to Bae for a little longer, or because almost every insane movie make out happened in the pouring rain (Sweet Home Alabama takes the cake), but the rain just makes everyone want someone to spend the day with. And I know every teenage girl has imagined her crush storming up to her during a heavy rain to kiss her, The Notebook style. It's almost mandatory.
Go out and have a nice dance in the storm, maybe a movie moment will happen, but if not it'll still be fun playing in the puddles and catching raindrops on your tongue like a 4 year old.
So now that I just talked about how awesome the rain is, I am kind of disappointed that it is only gray outside and not raining. I am forever unsatisfied with the weather. Damn you confused feelings.
I like the rainy lazy days to cuddle up on couch and watch a movie with my hunny bunny
@lizarnone?? what about the flowers and the plants :)