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10 Minute Total Workout
Working out for ten minutes is .0069% of your day. Don't tell me you don't have time!


1 minute jogging in place.


1 minute jumping jacks.
1 minute crunches.
1 minute leg lifts.


1 minute push-ups
1 minute wall sits.
1 minute high knees.


1 minute lunges.
1 minute planks.
1 minute squats.
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I did this last night! It's awesome, highly recommend for anyone with a busy schedule who can't make it to the gym!
Glad everyone found time to squeeze in this workout! @Nisfit @bellareyna @christy @LauraFisher
I did it until the lunges, minus the push ups and I think I'm going to die omfg. sEND HELP Wo even needs to become slim over the summer pshh not me ;-;