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Who better to make a lingerie collection than a model who spends all day, erryday in her lingerie? In 2012, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley teamed up with Autograph to create her own sexy lingerie line. The new autumn collection was just released and is said to be in stores in August.
The lingerie line, which is sold at Mark's & Spencer, includes lingerie, fragrance and nightwear. Rosie's line remains the top-selling collection for the company.
Rosie said she creates the pieces with real women in mind. "Deep down, I feel much more comfortable in my welly boots with my mum up a field than I do at some fancy red-carpet event in Hollywood," she said in an interview.
Rosie said she bought her first bra at the same company for which she now designs. Talk about coming full circle in fashion. She said she is very involved in the design and creation project because she knows people can smell a celebrity collaboration that is just about the money.