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Your Progress is Not in Pounds
Never measure your progress in pounds. The reason for this is because your body’s water composition fluctuates and skews your actual weight. Also, if you exercise on a daily basis, the muscle you're gaining will add additional weight, and result in yet another false representation of how much you actually weigh. I know it's difficult not to focus on the pounds being lost. You always hear someone say, "I want to lose 10 pounds," versus "I want to lose 10 inches from my waist." Try measuring your progress in inches. It will serve as a more reliable indicator of your progress. (For example, you could have two different people, both 130 pounds, with different BMI's.) You’re the only one who sees the number on the scale. Start focusing a little less on the pounds you're losing and more on how certain clothing items are fitting because your progress is not measured in pounds. It's measured in inches.
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Exactly! That's why it is so important to measure your body before starting any diet or fitness plan. Sometimes you gain muscle weight but lose serious inches!