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Is this a joke?

He's a mega-business man, real estate mogul, and reality tv star and he's diving into the presidential race. When I thought I had really seen everything, it's time to think again. This is a man who is largely successful, no doubt. However, he will do quite the opposite of how Romney approached the voters. Romney tried to be more familiar and within reach of the American public. Trump will do the opposite, he will plaster his wealth and abundant opulence to the center of his presidential platform. His lifestyle is the 1%. He is far out of reach for almost all of the American public and it will lead to his demise as he will be deemed unreliable and utterly out of touch with the public. He might as well drop out now before he makes too many more mistakes.
He announced his run for presidency in the ultra-luxurious Trump Tower (obviously) attracting mass media attention. He has already billed himself as the, " most successful person to ever run for presidency," and that he owns a," Gucci store that's worth more than Romney." Trump's net worth is to be estimated at $9 billion. A sum of money unfathomable to the average Joe.

"Sadly the American Dream is dead." -Donald J. Trump

Says the man who doesn't know what it's like to live a life without privilege. *eye roll*
I guess we'll see what he has to say in the Republican debate in August. He currently places in the top ten to keep him worthy to be on the debate stage however he's close to the bottom of the list which means he could easily be axed. He also has joked and teased that he would run for president but this is the first time he has finally taken the plunge. I wish this would have just been another tease again...
This could be the cheesiest and most generic video I've ever seen.


He has a nice field of competitors. Usually I don't get involved with politics however this was an announcement I could not pass up. Still can't believe he's running for presidency...Just WOW. Not the good kind.
@Goyo I completely understand. As I'm sure you're already aware, the American public is very torn over the topic of Immigration and how many are crossing our boarders illegally. And I thought it was interesting too, somewhat propaganda-ish. I'm sure he was aiming to provoke some kind of emotional response from viewers.
As far as a candidate, I just thought his initial campaign video was interesting. It literally had a frontier wall and someone trying to cross it... As an immigrant myself, u can understand why that caught my attention lol
@Goyo Everyone has a right to whom they would like to vote for. However, I highly doubt he will be the Republican pick with his strong competitors. He may have a lot of money but some other candidates may be better fit for the job. To each their own.
I am ashamed to say my cousin went to his announcement... She is a distant cousin